47" Broadfork
53" Broadfork

It's like getting two broadforks for the price of one...

Easily replaceable tines make it easy to convert the Cartwright Broadfork into either a 5 tine or a 7 tine broadfork. Two wrenches are all that are required for converting or replacing tines.
The 5 tines spaced at 3 3/4" o.c. are best used in breaking new ground or in heavier soils. The 7 tines spaced at 3" are used for finer tilling or for use in looser soils or also in lifting root crops out of the soil. No other broadfork offers this versatility.

The white oak wooden handle is horizontally aligned to offer easy,   efficient operation.
This arrangement allows your body weight to be used, reducing the strain on arms and shoulders that results in pulling on the two vertical handles of other broadforks.

Solid steel construction from handle bar to heat treated tines makes for a rugged fork that will not fail.
Even if tines do bend, they can be easily replaced without having to rely on a welder.

Two sizes are offered: 47"
(measuring distal end of tine to handle), for the average size gardener, at $180 plus $36 shipping and handling, or 53", for the taller gardener, at $185 plus $36 shipping and handling.
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